June 11

iWisdom enters into the KSA

July 31

iWisdom completes fortrs project in CAR-T

September 9

KSA Ad Board is established

September 14

iWisdom attends Annual Saudi Hematology Congress

September 25

iWisdom enters into a strategic collaboration with Straife in the US and MENA geographies for BioTech commercialization

October 10

iWisdom attends NIH Sickle Cell in Focus conference

October 11

iWisdom attends SCDAA Annual National Sickle Cell Convention

October 20

iWisdom starts Algeria partnership

November 20

iWisdom starts Dubai partnership

November 24

iWisdom starts Iraq partnership

December 11

iWisdom kicks off collaboration discussions with Greffex for a potential Business development of the next generation viral technology

December 21

iWisdom brings a three year project to completion with GSK on the launch of RSV

Number #1 in the annual listing of 5 companies in UK, 

that are the forefront of providing Pharma Consulting Services and impacting the industry in the region