Disciplined approach to embed agility and adaptability for future state with value in mind

We have the expertise across therapeutic areas and development stages

Our Approach

We bring our industry experience into your ambition. Vs traditional consultancy companies, we are a hands-on practical team of experts / commercial leaders who have driven many assets to launch. The world is changing at an unimaginable pace post COVID-19, we had to unlearn most of what we knew to be true and adapt our ways of working to the current pace.

We are not consultants. We are partners on your path – the good with the bad.

We are not process driven, we are outcome driven. Process is never the end game but a valuable tool if applied in a disciplined way which will not compromise agility and new thinking.

We do not like being an outsider to your teams, we work with them. Our passion, coming from multinational environments, lies with working for/with different cultures, solving challenges.

We are not traditional slide masters nor slide creators. We simplify the messages, use Posters and other Visuals. We think about the story very carefully with you, narrate for different crowds.

We are not confided to our own experiences. We constantly try to stay ahead of the game and challenge ourselves as a team every step of the game.

We are not traditional modelers or researchers when it comes to valuation. We think beyond the numbers and the research, apply the art not only the science.


We would like to focus on a core couple select clients who we can serve in depth and with longevity and share successes on almost a personal level.

Our Philosophy

We look beyond the data, stretch the mind, adapt to times, systematize agility.

Giving back is a big part of our belief system.


Think beyond the Data, Interpret and Narrate wisely


No rules set in stone


Move at Pace, Ahead of the Game, Constant challenge and Mind stretching


Big believers in Giving Back and Sustainability

Partnerships & Collaborations

“He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”  – Confucius

Market Access

Speak to access including reimbursement innovative payer and contracting models. Pricing strategy and optimization. Assessment of value economic models. Policy landscape.

Smart Tools / Design

Easy to use enterprise-wide tools, frameworks, playbooks to help with embedding the discipline in content delivery and ways of working across assets / teams / geographies.

Smart Tools / Software

Smart analytics including PowerBI tools. Algorithm-based models for proactive risks, opportunities across asset portfolios / teams. Financial modelling for Value Optimization.