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Confucius — ‘He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.’

SME biopharma

10 years plus experience in the BioPharma space with a keen understanding of the commercial dynamics and levers within and across geographies at asset and / or portfolio level with a view on Emerging paradigm(s).

SME Access

3 years plus experience in a drive to outgrow oneself. Has a drive to outgrow oneself. Story crafter based on facts and insights. Has an agile mindset w a strong sense of urgency for complex problems/program delivery within a multiple stakeholder land.

Consultant / delivery manager

Experts in the field US and/or Europe and the RoW. Understand the dynamics of the access world including Payer and Pricing. strategic and structured thinker with a broad view of the eco-system.


Passionate about understanding the complex world of behavioral dynamics, choice architecture and decision making. Engaging teams across geographies for a common purpose along the journey.

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